Horse Show Update

Karona showed again on 6/22/10 with scores of 70.4% and 67.2% at Training 3 and 4 respectively.  A client’s horse, Ponte, was scheduled to show today at the same levels, but with this 100 degree heat, we scratched.  It’s just not worth the stress.  So we wait another two weeks when hopefully both horses will show. Hopefully Karona (and my aching muscles) will be ready to compete in the sidesaddle!

Meanwhile, at the ranch, we just completed a successful week of camps with our second PVR show of the season to cap it off.  Congratulations to PVR students on some nice rides!  And congratulations to Alex and Sydney on passing CHA level 2 horsemanship testing!

We still have room in camps for the next few weeks, and spaces are available for lessons.  I’d like to start setting people up into group lessons if schedules can mesh.  Just contact me if you are interested!



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