Tuesday Shows, Friday Shows, Camps and Ponies…

Since I’ve been a bit busy with business, teaching, and riding, I’m a bit behind on my updates.  I suppose I’ll go in order here…

Tuesday Nights at Bucks County have been going great.  Karona and Ponte showed 7/22 with scores of 66.8% & 70.8% (T3 and T4) and 59.6% & 63.4% respectively.  Both started out the night a bit iffy, but improved by the second test, as scores reflect.   For Ponte’s first time out in a long while, he handled himself well.  Still lots to work on with both horses, but that’s the whole point of dressage.  Last I heard I was ranked somewhere around 1st and 2nd with Karona, and 6th with Ponte, but I haven’t seen final results yet.

I also feel I need to make a clarification on this whole dressage thing, just in case some of my western students get on here and think I’m a failure for getting 70%’s.  Dressage shows are placed according to scores received for various movements performed in a test.  Once the “test” results are tallied, the resulting percentage is your score.  Individual scores for each movement are out of a total of 10.  You very rarely (if ever…I’ve seen one friend get one) get a 10 on a movement.  That would mean perfection, and perfection is rather elusive.  Just the same, you basically have to not do the movement to get a 1 or 2.  Thus 4 and 5’s are so-so, 6’s ok, 7’s sought after, and 8’s coveted and cherished.  A good test (scoring in the upper 60’s to low 70’s) will consist of a few 6’s, mostly 7’s, and a few 8’s.  So even though the test score may be out of 100%, a 70% is a very good score.

Now, the Friday night shows have also been going on at the ranch.  Fun time if you have a chance to come out.  Congrats to Rachel Brahler for claiming yet another 13 and under show championship!

Camps are also going like crazy.  Advanced camp this week, and it should be a blast!

And the final note is a congratulations to Ashley Brown on her new horse!  Her family purchased Gracie this weekend, and she will be arriving the next.  She’s super cute and it should be a good match!

I guess that’s my update for now.  I hope to have the plans for Fall and Winter lessons drawn up (really good deals for all you students!) very soon, and registration will get underway!  Stay tuned!


One comment on “Tuesday Shows, Friday Shows, Camps and Ponies…

  1. Cindy Stemmler says:

    Just a note to add to your description of points….At the June 22nd show (which is the last posted total results) there were 80 tests ridden! 60% of the scores were less than 60, 30% were between 60 and 65, and only 10% were above 65. Jess your score was the ONLY test ridden above 70!!! Congrats!!!!

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