New Acquisitions and News!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I updated ya’ll about business and my own equine pursuits.  If you’ve seen me lately you probably know that I finally broke down and bought Karona, my show partner this summer (BCHP Champions at Training level!) and for the last few summers.  Her owner had to sell her, and I didn’t want her going all the way to Arizona, so I am totally psyched that she is now mine for good!   If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen her at the ranch, it’s because she’s hanging out where she’s been, with Cheryl Ash at Hillside Equestrian Center.  Not only does it make it easier for me to get lessons to continue expanding my own knowledge, but I get to separate work and play.   I’m also going to breed her in spring with the goal of getting a top quality baby.  She’s already had several, including a stallion, Nimbus, that’s competed up to Intermediare 1.   Never thought I’d take the gamble and try to breed a mare, but if I can get a foal from her, oh what a horse it would be.  And we’ll continue competing in the meantime.  Maybe Second Level in Spring…maybe.

This week I will also be welcoming Stanley as part of my family (and checkbook).  A friend at Cheryl’s has given me a huge opportunity to have this great lesson horse.  He should be all tuned up and settled in by the time the next semester of group lessons rolls around, if not long before.  Stan’s a lovely off-track (I think…) thoroughbred, with the sweetest personality.  All you students are doing so well that I’m sure to have a high demand for the next level in lesson horse, and he’s it.  He’s also a horse we can play with the little fences with.

Great job to all my group lesson kids from the last semester!  It was a pleasure working with you and watching you improve.  I can’t wait until we start a whole round of new stuff in January.  For anyone interested, registration for the next session is open until Jan. 1st.  Just email me for the registration form.

Hopefully now that life is settling into a routine I’ll get time to update you more often on things happening with Stemmler Equine.  Until next time, enjoy your horses and stay warm!


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