Survey and PVR camps

Hello everyone! Hope all is well on this beautiful weekend.

Now that I’ve been in business almost a year, I would like to get some feedback from all of you as to how I’m doing. Are you accomplishing your goals in your lessons, what can I do better, that kind of stuff. If you click on this link: it will take to you a survey with all of this fun stuff. Whether you ride with me regularly, every now and then, or no longer ride with me, please take the survey! It’s pretty quick and easy. Questions or to request a paper copy, just ask me! Please take a few minutes to help me improve my business.

As far as other news goes, I’d like you all to note that PVR is offering their camp series again this year. Though I will not be teaching the Horsemanship camps, I do have one week of English camp all to myself. Those of you riding English, I encourage you to sign up! It’ll be a blast. Even if you don’t ride English regularly but want to try it out, do it. You won’t be left behind. The other camps available are also terrific for those of you just starting or building up your skills. Alexis is a great instructor and makes things a lot of fun. Check out all the info on PVR’s website,, and sign up with them. I’m telling you now because there’s a discount if you register by April 15!

Also need more participants for next weekend’s Grooming and Showmanship clinic. I’m at 2 participants, and I need 3 to make it a go. This will be the last Saturday Clinic for a while because of how busy the ranch gets over the summer, so now’s your chance! 10am-12pm on Saturday March 26. Please call me to register!

Thanks everyone! As always, I appreciate your business!


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