Basic Skills Clinics! Register now!

By request I have compiled a new series of clinics starting next Friday and stretching into the end of June.  After that I am sure there will be more, and I am looking for ideas!  What kinds of topics do you want to learn that we can’t cover in lessons?  Until then, here’s the list!  Please give me a call (570-691-6368) or email to register.  The earlier you register the better because I need at least 3 people for each of these clinics to be a go, but last minute is fine as long as you let me know you’re coming!

Friday May 20: Bathing Clinic:  Ever wonder how the pros get their horses looking their best for the show ring?  Now’s your chance to learn how to safely and effectively clean your horse!  If you think you already know how to give your horse a bath, pick up some new tips!  We will get that horse clean from head to toe, including sheath or teat cleaning!  4:30-5:30pm, Cost just $5 (4-H and pony club members free!)

Friday May 27: Grooming and Showmanship Get ready for a one hour intensive in this show class!  Presentation skills emphasized along with accuracy as you navigate your horse through several practice patterns, including the pattern to be used at PVR for the 2011 season! 4:30-5:30pm $35

Wednesday June 1: Intensive Show Prep:  Braiding and banding and pulling and polishing and clipping and trimming and brushing and…whew!  Lots of details to pay attention to in order to make your horse sparkle in the show ring.  Learn them all, including some professional tips!  All grooming products supplied. Please let me know what discipline you’d like to prepare a horse for (English, western, etc.)  5-6pm $20  (Limit 6 participants)

Friday June 10: Introduction to Fences:  You must have instructor permission to participate in this clinic!  Just ask me and I’ll let you know if I think you’re ready.  Learn how to introduce yourself and your horse to jumping slowly and systematically.  Then try a cross-rails course!  3-6pm in groups depending on number of participants.  $35

Friday June 17: Grooming and Showmanship:  Did you miss the past Grooming and Showmanship clinics?  Do you want to polish up your skills even more?  Now’s your chance to practice presentation and patterns!  12-1pm $35

Friday June 24:  Trailer Loading:  Do you dream of owning your own horse?  Own your own horse and want to take it to shows and events off property?  Learn how to safely load and restrain your horse for transport.  We will also talk about and demonstrate some tricks for getting difficult loaders on.  4:30-6pm $15 (4-H and pony club members free!)

It’s going to be a fun clinic series!  Don’t miss out!


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