Articles and change of time and more updates!

Alrighty.  Lots of stuff to update ya’ll on, so here we go.

  • New articles are available on  If you haven’t already, please go and subscribe to my articles.  I’m trying to pack lots of useful information into them, and I’m always looking for new topics.  Got an upcoming event with your 4-H club?  Barn?  News about your horse’s accomplishments?  Let me know.  It has to pertain in some way to the Allentown area.  Here’s the link to the latest article on the EHV-1 outbreak:
  • The clinic on June 17 will be from 12-1pm, NOT 5-6 as previously written.  The first PVR show of the season will be held that night at 6pm.
  • Horses are booking quickly for the PVR shows.  There is a limit of 1 person per horse per show, so please talk to me know if you want to compete and we’ll talk about reserving a horse, etc.  I am available to all my students as a coach for these shows for just $20 a night, but you have to ask me!  (Just so you know, coaching kind of equates a warm-up lesson…so that’s a $20 lesson plus an increased chance of getting more ribbons.)
  • In case anyone’s been wondering how Miss Karona‘s doing, she is currently resting in a bed of straw up to her knees at Iron Spring Farm.  Hoping she’ll come home next week with a UB40 baby in the oven.  And, if that’s not enough, we competed at second level for the first time two weeks ago at Bucks County Horse Park.   Scored decently (56 and 57%) considering it was the first time for both of us competing at that level.  Placed 2nd and 3rd.
  • Anyone interested in forming a new group in June for group lessons please contact me.  I can give you the discount rate if you are willing to commit to 12 lessons.  School will be out!  Those kids need something to do, right?

I hope everyone is doing well and staying dry on these soggy days.  See you all around!


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