Important News: Please Read

Dear Clients and Friends,

After a great deal of thought and internal debate I have decided to make a major change for my business.  I have accepted an offer at another farm in New Tripoli, near where some of you may know my mare Karona is boarded at Hillside Equestrian Center.  With that, I have decided to centralize my business as much as a can.  On July 8 I will be moving Stanley and all of my main business endeavors from Pleasant Valley Ranch to Hillside in New Tripoli.

Now, what does this mean for all of you?

Mark has granted me permission to continue teaching all PVR boarders and leasors on your request.  Scheduling is going to get a little more complicated for you all, but I’m hoping you’ll continue to ask me to come to the ranch and help you with your horses.

Those of you enrolled in group lessons have two options.  We have four weeks left in the session as of next week.  Lessons will continue as usual until the 8th, which leaves the last two weeks with question marks.  Everyone please just pay $70 as your final installment this coming week, and think about what you’d like to do for the remaining two weeks.  I’m hoping you will come try Hillside in your groups, but you can make that choice without penalty.  For those of you who pre-paid, I can either refund that $70 portion of the package or you, again, can try lessons at the new place.  Please let me know what you all decide.  We can talk about it in the coming weeks.  If you have make-up lessons to use, please do so in the next two weeks.  The group schedule is as follows:  Mon 6-7, Wed 12-1, Thurs 5-6, Thurs 6-7, Fri 6-7.  Just call in advance so I have a horse in for you.

As of right now I can only handle groups of up to 2, maybe 3 riders on a regular basis (we’ll be okay to finish the current group session if I have interest), and thus I have nothing set up as far as a group session for Fall.  I will tell you all that I am working on getting something set up closer to Orwigsburg for Friday/ Saturday lesson days, and if I have horses available I may be able to teach groups there.  Please stay tuned!  In the meantime, you are welcome to schedule groups together outside of the “package”.
Hillside is a really nice facility.  Some of you may actually find it closer to home, and I apologize for the lengthened drive for the rest of you.  It’s about 20 minutes from PVR.  Half an hour from Orwigsburg, Tamaqua, or Hamburg.  I’ve been told its 40 minutes from Reading, and its probably 20-30 minutes to downtown Allentown.  Very easy to find.  Type Dogwood Dr, New Tripoli, PA into mapquest or GPS and look for horses.  Directions from ranch would be to follow 895 to 309 and turn right up over the Blue Mt.  The first traffic light you come to (across from Northwestern Lehigh High School), turn right.  The first stop sign after that, turn left.  Follow that road less than a mile and you’ll see a pond and fountain on your right, and Dogwood Drive is right there.  Indoor ring, large outdoor ring. Lots of fences to jump and some short trails.  I will be teaching off of Stanley and Cheryl’s QH Sal, who is an ex-cutting horse turned dressage horse turned lesson horse.  Cheryl Ash is the farm owner and a USDF (dressage) Bronze medalist.  I was her working student for several years after I got started riding.

I know this is a big move and I don’t want to lose any of you.  Please bear with me as I make this adjustment and work towards finding a more permanent home for my business.  You’ve all been wonderful clients, but I understand that the distance may be a concern for some of you.  If so, please talk to me and we’ll discuss our options.

For those who have/ were considering bringing a horse in for training, please discuss that with me as well, as we’ll have to find a location.

Any questions about why I’m making the move or how I can make the new arrangement work for you, please let me know.  I do NOT want you to feel like I’m leaving you.

English/Kiddie Camp on July 18-22 at PVR will go on as scheduled.  Those of you who expressed interest (aka Abby and Kate), please register with the ranch.  We could use one more young English rider, so if you’re interested please talk to either me or the ranch staff.

I hope you all continue to show, trail ride, and participate in the other activities the ranch has to offer.  Sal and Stanley will certainly be available to go show!

Thank you all for your understanding and I look forward to teaching you!



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