Dressage at Devon Results!

As some of you may know, the last two days Karona and I have been down at Dressage at Devon, one of the biggest shows on the east coast. We competed in 4 year old and older Mares Under Saddle and in 4 year old and older Broodmares (in-hand). She did terrific! We got 4th of 9 in the under saddle, where the ring steward asked me as he handed me our ribbon, “how old did they say she is?”. He thought she was going great for a 19 year old. Then in the under saddle we went against the top horses of the entire mature horse breed show, ending up 7th of 14 with a score of 74.25%. Pretty good for my first time running a horse in an in-hand class! The top two horses in our class went on to win the top championships for the show. It was a terrific experience and I’m super excited for the baby next year. I am so lucky to own, ride, and be loved by this incredible mare…and yes, she loves me or how else would she put up with me when I was so nervous I could barely ride! Thank you so much to all of you to groomed and helped me throughout the show! Mom, Dad, Cheryl, Kathy, Brianna…couldn’t have done it without you all! And of course Michelle Moser, who gave me the opportunity to purchase and own such an incredible horse!
We’re going to say a little prayer and if all goes well we’ll be back down there next year, foal in tow!


One comment on “Dressage at Devon Results!

  1. Brianna says:

    Congrats!!!! That’s awesome! Thanks for giving me the awesome experience Tuesday<3 can't wait for next year!!!:)

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