Stemmler Equine rents its own Training Center!

Hello Everyone!
I know those of you who know what’s been going on have probably been sitting in suspense waiting to see what happens.  And I finally have answers for you!

Starting November 1, 2011 I will be renting Pleasant Valley Ranch and moving the bulk of business activities there.  My rental contract will go until June, at which point we will either renew or I will flip over to Ryon’s Ranch, which most of you know I was very close to renting.  No matter what happens, we all will have plenty of notice before any big changes need to occur should worst case scenarios arise…so we all can breathe easy for awhile.  Mark and I reached an agreement that should work out to everyone’s best interest.  I live right next to the ranch, so I can keep an even better eye on our precious horses.  Mark makes some money off his property.  You all get to stay at the wonderful facility you call home!

Now, just so we’re clear, I am renting the barn and that is the extent of PVR’s hand in the boarding process.  Should boarders choose to stay they will see a great many changes for the better regarding the quality of care and feed offered their horses.  However, in order for me to make ends meet on all this, there will also be some changes.  Here’s the scoop:

Board will be raised to $390.  For most boarders this is only an increase of $10.  I hate having to up a price many of you already see as high, but please understand my expenses tally up to be high.  Really after rent, insurance, electric, etc. I’m only making $1 per horse per day.  Rent is higher for me at PVR than it would have been at Ryon’s, but its definitely more convenient for all of us. You’re also going to be getting more for that money.  I will NOT charge for extras like medicating, blanketing, holding for farrier, solitary turnout, etc.  All horses will be fed Purina Strategy, which is one of the best quality grains available and also one of the most versatile for the needs of different breeds.  I can feed it to hard keepers, thoroughbreds, quarter horses, pregnant mares (aka Karona), ponies…all without having to worry about difficulties in maintaining condition or digestive upset.  If you still want your own grain, you are welcome to it.  Your horse’s meals will be spread out throughout the day according to what they need, even if that means they get three meals a day.  Hay will be coming from Stein’s Farm, and I’m sure you’ll agree…it’s beautiful stuff!  Turnout groups will to small and carefully matched up.

If you are not familiar with the facility at PVR, it offers a 25 stall barn, large indoor, show-size outdoor, easy access to trails, feed room, tack room with lockers, and a heated wash stall.  You can also expect shows, camps, and clinics to be offered in the coming months.

Just like I was with Ryon’s, I will be running this as a training facility starting DECEMBER 1.  Hopefully this gives you enough time to weigh your options and decide if you want to stay or not.  Translation being that as part of our monthly deal you agree to take at least two lessons in some form, whether that be a private hour, half-hour, group, or participation in a SE clinic.  If you don’t have time for lessons, I’d be happy to work out some kind of training deal that would get your horse worked.  If you’re still not into that but you’d be willing to let someone else ride your horse in lessons, we can discuss that as well.  The reason for the training requirement is that I want my business to continue improving horses and riders, and all of us always have something we can improve on.  It also helps keep everyone consistent so we don’t have conflicting ideas on training and the care of our horses that could lead to tough spots down the road.  If you need financing options, please talk to me and we will work something out.  Again, this part of the board agreement won’t start until December.

Stanley and Karona will both be coming to the ranch.  I’m also in the process of looking for a project pony that will eventually serve as a lesson horse so we can get groups going full swing again.  Stanley’s been pretty bored lately, so if you’re interested in lessons and distance has been keeping you away, let me know!  Just so everyone knows, group lessons are $35 an hour and semi-private lessons (2 riders) are $40.

Lessons at Hillside Equestrian and Coal Mountain will continue for those of you who wish to take lessons at those locations.

If you are interested in boarding with me, please let me know. The boarding contract is attached.  If you are not interested and planning on leaving PVR, please let me know that as well.  I am doing a full takeover November 1.

I’m excited to be back with all of the wonderful people at PVR again!  I hope you support me as Stemmler Equine takes this huge step forward.



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