Lots of new clinics for January!

>  Hi all!
>  So, maybe I panicked a little since it’s already the 8th and I
>  didn’t have any clinics yet this month, but I have a VERY long list for
>  this month!  If you’re not familiar with my clinics, all you need to
>  know is that they are at Open Gate Ranch (formerly PVR), try to RSVP at
>  LEAST two days in advance, and be sure to dress for the weather and for
>  working with horses.  All ages welcome.  All skills welcome.  So
>  here’s the list!  Please let me know what you’re interested in,
>  and remember boarders that these can count towards your two lessons a
>  month! A group of 2 makes the clinic a go!
>  JAN 12: 5-6PM LUNGING I: For those who have never lunged before or need a

>  refresher on proper technique. $15

>  JAN 14: 11-12PM LUNGING II: For those who have lunged before and want to

>  refine their skills to get more benefit out of it.  $15

>  JAN 16: 5-6PM JUMPING CLINIC: For those who have jumped small fences before

>  and wish to move on to short courses and combinations. $35

>  JAN 18: 5-6PM SADDLE FITTING: English and Western saddles and how to tell

>  if your saddle fits your horse correctly and what you can do if it
>  doesn’t. $5, Free for 4-H and Pony Club members

>  JAN 21: 12-1PM LUNGING III: Advanced lunging techniques and how to

>  introduce your horse to the long lines.  You must know how to lunge in
>  order to participate in this clinic!  $15

>  JAN 21: 1-2 WINTER GROOMING: Special techniques to care for your horse

>  during the winter months.  $5, Free for 4-H and Pony Club members

>  JAN 23: 5-6 GROUND RULES FOR RESPECT: Mounting, leading, stall, and food
>  manners.  $10
>  JAN 25: 6-7 NUTRITION CALCULATIONS: Does you horse get enough of his daily

>  energy requirement?  Best way to add weight to a skinny horse and subtract
>  it from a fat horse.  We will use a computer program to calculate your
>  horse’s  diet and see what can be improved.  $5, Free for 4-H and
>  Pony Club Members.  Please bring the Nutrition Facts from all of your
>  grain and supplements.


>  and blankets and we’ll camp out in the lobby for a few hours with
>  popcorn.  FREE!

>  JAN 28: 4-6PM ROUND-PENNING CORRECTLY…a great follow-up to the DVD

>  viewing!  Try out some round-penning techniques.  $15

>  JAN 30: 6-7PM SHOWMANSHIP CLINIC:  Work on those patterns! $35
>  FEB 4: 2-5PM DRESSAGE CLINIC: Groups of 2-3 riders in 45 min. sessions.

>  Work on techniques according to your level.  $35

>  FEB 5: 3-4PM TRAIL RIDE FOR CLIENTS ONLY!  Boarders ride for free.  This is for regular clients that have taken at least two lessons in the last 30 days.


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