Shows, February Clinics, and Tack Swap all at Open Gate Ranch!

Hi everyone!  Here’s the latest event list at Open Gate Ranch!

TACK SWAP: April 1, 2012  Exact details to come, but booths with be available in the outdoor and indoor for $10 and $15 respectively.  I’m hoping to fill the farm with people selling and trading their unwanted/unused horse equipment.  If you are interested in a spot, please let me know!

CLINICS: Please pre-register at least a day in advance.  Note prices vary.
Feb 7: 6-7pm Lunging II- For those who want to refine their lunging skills and have lunged a horse before.  $15
Feb 9: 6-7pm Lunging III- For those who have lunged before and want to learn more advanced techniques, possibly long-lining.  $15
Feb 11: 11-12 Winter Grooming- Our rescheduled clinic on special tips and tricks to help take care of your horse in winter.  $5, 4-H and Pony Club free
Feb 13: 5-6pm Sidesaddle Intro- Learn how to put on the sidesaddle, find out the history behind it, and then actually sit on the horse aside!  $10
Feb 16: 5-6pm Jumping Clinic- For riders just learning the basics of jumping.  $35
Feb 18: 11-12 Bending for Barrel Racers- Learn how to make your horse use its whole body around the barrel by suppling.  $35
Feb 25: 11-12 Leg Yields for Pole Benders- Learn how to get your horse off your leg in the leg yield for ease through those poles! $35
Feb 23-26: HORSE EXPO IN HARRISBURG! See for info.
Feb 29: 5-7pm Dressage Clinic Groups of 2-3 riders depending on number interested. $35

DRESSAGE SHOW SERIES: (Intro and Training level rides only at this time) 12-7pm Select Sundays
April 15
May 20
June 2
July 15
August 12
September 16

May 4
July 20
August 31
October 21

May 18
July 6
August 10
October 21

Specific info on shows will come as things get closer.  I’m pretty show each series will have year-end champion awards, along with an overall versatility champion for the horse/rider who accumulates the most points across all three series.  And I’m also pretty sure classes will be inexpensive but have PAYBACKS!  Stay tuned for details!


One comment on “Shows, February Clinics, and Tack Swap all at Open Gate Ranch!

  1. jstemmler says:

    Did you get the booth reservation form? Its on both my site and the new Open Gate site at Just email or snail-mail that back to me and your spot will be reserved. I’m up to 4 people so far…many more to come I hope!

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