Upcoming Events for March

February 29: Dressage Clinic 5-7pm $35

March 7: Lunging Clinic 5-6pm $15

March 10: Naughty Pony!: What to do when your horse is bucking, rearing, running away, biting, kicking…a great confidence builder who those have horses that “sometimes” misbehave. Particularly as we get into the Spring “freshness”.  12-1pm $35  This is a mounted clinic!  Horses available (and yes, they will behave!).

March 17: Zach Petroski Reining Clinic $50 for the whole afternoon.  Only 3 more spots available!  Start time tenativly 1pm.  $50 ( I have Laura, her friend, and Brianna signed up …Bri, Carol signed you up!).  Auditors welcome.  Great chance to ride with someone new!

March 19: HIPPOLOGY MEETING!  4-H members and 4-H members-to-be between ages 13-18 welcome to come study with us and join our team(s).  5-6pm at Open Gate.

March 21: Barrels Clinic 5-6pm $35

March 25: First Aid for Riders with Rick Welker, a local paramedic.  Rick is very generously doing this clinic for FREE for us!  Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn what to do in emergencies.  Please RSVP so we have a head count. 4-H and Pony Clubs welcome!  Tell your friends!   3-5pm

April 1: Tack Swap!  Already tables are starting to book up!  Reserve your booth now by using the attached form.  Shoppers also encouraged to attend!  Please help me spread the word by forwarding the attached flyer to your horse-friends.  This could also be a potential fundraisers for 4-H and pony clubs.  If anyone’s group is interested in selling food or baked goods, let me know.  The kitchen will be available!

April 9: Holly Hill Farm Horse Show, New Tripoli.  I am taking horses (Stan and Scooby) and my trailer is full.  If anyone else wants to go, let me know and we’ll try to work out other arrangements.  Their show flyer is online somewhere if you google Holly Hill Farm.

April 15: Dressage Show at Open Gate Ranch!  This is for Stemmler Equine students only and does not count towards year-end points.  Cheryl Ash will be judging.  Please pre-register with what tests you would like to ride by April 1, 2012.  We need a minimum of 6 entries to make the show a go.  Email for more information.
Thanks all!  Have a great weekend!

Jessica Stemmler
Stemmler Equine: Instruction and Training


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