• Riding Lessons

    • Both Adults and Children Welcome!
    • Dressage
    • Western
    • English
    • Sidesaddle
    • Natural Horsemanship
    • Private, Semi-private, or Group
  • Clinics
    • Clinics are offered regularly on a variety of topics.  I am also available to do clinics at other farms.  Please see this site’s home page for upcoming clinics and events.

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Meet the Lesson Horses:

Julie is our semi-retired super-pony!  She is awesome at teaching kids how to steer and stop and trot. Very gentle and safe.  On her non-creaky days she has the best canter to learn to ride on!

Java is our all-around super star!  He can be a bit pushy on the ground, but under saddle he is a been-there-done-that kind of guy. Adults and kids both ride him.  He goes English, Western, and has done some jumping.  He’s been at the Farm Show and in parades, so he’s pretty unflappable!  Awesome to learn the basics on.  Pretty cool for a Mustang, huh?

Chief is on loan to the lesson program from his loving owner Abbey.  He has been proving himself to be amazingly adaptable for a variety of riders from beginner to advanced. Some kids learn to ride the basics on him, then there are experienced adults who get to feel the haunches in, shoulders in, and other more advanced exercises. So fun!

Karona is my best girl.  At 24 she is still doing the occasional lesson with advanced riders to get them to feel the warmblood movements and to help them work on their own riding position and aids.  She has a ton of power that makes her a tough ride, but her willing personality is unmatched.