September 14 Fix A Test

Dressage Show Entry Form

Start: 9am

Judge: Cheryl Ash

Deadline: September 7

Cost: $35/ test

Ribbons through 6th place at each level.


Back by popular request….

So many people have asked me at the new Bear Creek location to do a Basic Skills clinic series again, that I am officially working on getting one rolling again.  Any requests out there for clinic topics?  Here’s what’s been requested so far:

  • Preventative Medicine
  • Trail Safety (and not what you usually think of…)
  • Wraps
  • Ground Skills/Manners

Lesson Offerings Expand to Auburn

Hey guys! I officially have a lesson horse available at Bear Creek Valley Stable in Auburn ( His name is Java, and he does both English and Western. Also have an older guy there who would be perfect for the younger kids and beginners. If its easier for anyone to take lessons there with the distance and whatnot, we can do that. If anyone is looking for training, that is also a place to board through the training process. As of right now they still have openings. Talk to me about training and we can work things out. Lessons are also continuing at Hillside with Stanley and the awesome pony Romeo! I am at each farm a few days each week, so just talk to me and I’ll get you in the schedule. Also teaching at other off property locations, so if that’s something you’re interested in we can work that out as well. Thanks everyone!

Important Update from SSE, LLC

Hello everyone,

As I’ve been promising on Facebook, there are a lot of new changes coming to Open Gate Ranch. At the beginning of the year I was told my lease of Open Gate would end March 1. The farm owners Jim and Ginny are taking over the barn and plan to continue boarding and run some cattle events.  They also have several new trainers coming in.  I’ve been thinking hard as to what this will mean for my business and what my options are.  I’ve come up with the following plan.

I will happily continue teaching boarders or students leasing boarder horses at Open Gate as you want me.  You are responsible for making sure a ring is available and for any fees involved with having an outside instructor come in, if there are any.

For those of you riding lesson horses or trailering in, the primary lesson hub will move back to Hillside Equestrian Center in New Tripoli where I was a few years ago.  It is a beautiful farm only about 20 minutes from Open Gate.   Cheryl has several horses I can use for lessons, and that is also going to be Stanley’s new home! Down side, as of right now I can not do western lessons unless you have your own horse.  But I’ll work on that, so let me know if that’s something you’re interested in.  Cheryl is very nice, and I think you’ll all love the place.  And yes, it has an indoor!

For right now, shows and birthday parties are on hold.  I have to wait for a couple more of my “options” to pan out before I commit to these events.   I’ll let you know if and when we have some bigger events. 


Anyone who has a horse they would like to send for training, please talk to me.  I’d like to continue training but we may have to be a bit creative as to where your horse is boarded.

I’d like to thank you all in advance for your patience and loyalty in the next few months as I look for a long term situation.  I have thoroughly enjoyed taking care of your horses and watching you improve through your lessons, and I’m not ready to quit that just yet.  Stay tuned for future developments.  Feel free to talk to me if you have any questions.

Jessica Stein

New Clinics

  • May 12 4-H Clubs Grooming and Showmanship 5-7pm, 4-H free, please talk to me if you are a non-4-H member and you want to come!
  • May 12 4-H Hippology/ Horse Bowl 7-8pm- 4-H members 13 and over only
  • May 17 Braiding and Banding Clinic 5-6pm, $10, I supply the bands and horses.  If you’re planning on showing this summer, don’t miss this one!
  • May 18 OPEN SHOW!
  • May 20 Scribing Clinic 10-11am FREE, but I may recruit you to scribe at one of the dressage shows!  Scribing is a great skill to have.
  • May 20 DRESSAGE SHOW!  Get your registrations in NOW!
  • May 23 Trail Clinic 5-6pm, learn how to navigate the trail class at the shows!
  • June 4-8 Adult Camp!- Only a few spots left, so register quickly with your $100 deposit.  Full cost is $200 due first day of camp.  Details on the Open gate website.
  • June 21 Cheryl Ash Clinic– Come take a lesson with Cheryl!  Cheryl is a USDF “L” graduate with distinction and USDF bronze medalist.  She has judged several of our dressage shows and is judging two more this summer.  Discipline doesn’t matter, just be willing to learn a balanced seat!  Price TBD
  • July 9-13 Beginner Camp– I’ve got two registrations so far.  That’s enough to have camp, but we need a lot more kids to REALLY have fun.  Cost is $350 for the week!  They will learn the basics from the ground up and ride every day.  Guaranteed to be lots of fun!  Get those registrations in!
  • August 6-10 Intermediate Camp– Again, need more riders!  If you can walk and trot circles, you can handle this one.  And if you can do more than that, even better, because then we can build up your skills even more.