• Young Horse Starting/ Retraining

    • Get your horse started the right way!  Lots of patience with a balance of fairness and firmness will have your youngster respecting you and going quietly at all three gaits.  I use a variety of natural horsemanship methods to gain the horse’s respect and trust and then build the work with a regard for the horse as an individual.  I can steer your young horse toward whichever discipline you prefer.
    • Did your horse start off on the wrong foot?  I have had great results after going back and filling in holes in horses’ training.  Taking the same approach I do with my unbroken horses, I start at the beginning and find where and why the horse is resisting progress.
    • References are available if you want to talk to the owners of horses I have trained!

    Helena two weeks under saddle

    Progressive Training

    • Rediscover why you love your horse!  Come for a tune-up and both of you will be moving with a more comfortable rhythm and with better communication.  I can help make bad habits disappear whether they are on the ground or under saddle!
    • Dressage Training is my specialty!  I have ridden through fourth level competitively.  Let me help you and your horse rise through the levels.  I also have a growing number of people getting involved in Western Dressage.  No matter what your goals, dressage will help give you a balanced seat and help your horse realize its full potential!

    Jess with Valkyrie working towards her Bronze

  • Horse Sales

      • For a commission I am willing to market and show your horse to prospective buyers.   I have had success selling several horses over the past few years, most of which have been sold within 1-3 months.   With a growing clientele base, I can usually match horses and riders fairly quickly.

Full Training (30 days) $350, Partial Training (12 sessions) $240

All disciplines and breeds welcome.  Experience with everything from ponies to drafts, quarter horses to Andalusians, gaited and non-gaited.


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